The Central Queensland Coast is one of those hidden gems, vivid coastlines expanding some 200 odd kilometres with areas of remote and relatively unpressured waters. Having the appropriate vessels to make thoughts become reality, Johnny Mitchell has created a number of unique charters to fish and explore these waters. Remote multi-day trips to Stanage Bay chasing everything with fins is an adventure on its own. Barramundi, blue and king salmon, fingermark, black Jew, reef fish, Spanish mackerel, Queenfish and GT's are a mixed bag affair; deciding which to chase is the challenge.

Without forgetting local home waters, salt water barramundi charters create high interest. Brilliantly coloured wild stocks abound in our regional estuaries. Metre long wild barra strike like a hammer. Salties are the worthy, pinnacle contender even at 80 to 90 cm in length. Numerous over 120cm are captured each year, in 2016 our best measuring 132cm.

The Curtis Island Adventure Package is a popular overnight choice - island house accommodation, 4WD tour, the best of local fishing and crabbing opportunities, plus an adventure helicopter flight just to top it off.

Other local fishing opportunities include metre plus Queenfish, casting and trolling for 15 - 30 kilo Spanish mackerel, offshore wreck and reef species using jig and live bait; cobia, nannygai, coral trout, cod - just to name a few. Metre plus giant herring and permit are also possible.

GT popping packages, mud crabbing, heli-fishing charters to remote areas, 4WD tours, boat trips to Yellow Patch are all unique experiences - scenic, relaxing and educational. Keep an eye out for further adventure packages in the pipe-line.

Our Local navigation charters cover familiarisation of waterways, while our backyard fishing classes provide a chance to learn, tailored for individual requirements. ‘Beginner to Advanced' fishing knowledge is available through Johnny's new development and training website WWW.FISHINGMASTERCLASS.COM.AU

We have also facilitated the design of our vessels to further engage in environmental science and research projects such as bird surveys, dugong counts, turtle catching, live fish capture and transport plus other assignments requiring an experienced operator and certified vessel.

Comprehensively, the selection of charters, tours, DVD releases and updates on the blog should create enjoyment and satisfaction, highlighting the positives of being free in such a beautiful country. Some of these trips will open your eyes to wild and wonderful lands, all within reach of those with the drive to explore and appreciate nature in its rawest form.

Johnny Mitchell

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