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The Barra Brothers

The Barra Brothers


Cy and Kerrin Taylor have earned their distinction as Barramundi Champions. Not only have they repeatedly placed themselves in the top 2 ranked positions in Australian impoundment barra competitions but they have left a substantial gap between their nearest rivals. For two years in a row, and amidst two seperate competitions with up to 90-100 competitors they have shown a consistency that deserves special attention; something that all barramundi anglers can learn from.

Imagine being a teenager and dominating barra comps in fisheries that are well over ten years old; how can this be so? The moderately shy, low key Taylor brothers share an in depth interest in fishing and fine detail. Winning competitions in a very simple boat highlights that other factors are way more important. Understanding fish manner, lake dynamics and weather conditions as well as employing highly tuned luring techniques is part of the reason for their unmatched success. Being able to identify the variables at play in any barra lake and position themselves accurately to pull a rabbit out of a hat in basically any weather condition is part of their eye-opening specialty. This is not just a paragraph to give them a pat on the back, but one to emphasise the many ingredients that many anglers are missing.

Cy and Kerrin not only love barra, but they enjoy adventure, travel and exploring our great land. Like investigators at a crime scene, their unique way of disecting every situation is as crafty and thorough as one could imagine. From snorkelling in lakes to taking study notes- they leave no stone unturned. In my years of knowing these young men, I have noted their specific qualities to listen and process information and turn tiny snippets into valuable fishing weaponry. In the rapidly advancing modern world, their strong connection with Mother Earth helps build and keep a strong bond between nature and their winning success.

Together, Cy, Kerrin and I filmed part of a fishing DVD on Lake Monduran and I'm sure the future holds great prospects for these two very unique anglers. We can all learn from these two men, and I'm sure there will be many new adventures in the future; wherever their dreams and visions take them. Amongst their own page, I'm sure you will find information and inspiration to help you with your future fishing.

Johnny Mitchell

Hi - we are Cy and Kerrin Taylor. We are both 20 and live in the Whitsundays which is a great location for all styles of saltwater and freshwater fishing.

The fish we usually target are Giant Trevally, Queenfish, reef species such as Coral Trout, Sweetlip & Emperor, Longtail Tuna, Mack Tuna & Mackerel in the deep blue, Threadfin Salmon, Mangrove Jack and Barramundi in the numerous saltwater estuaries and creeks, and impoundment barramundi at Peter Faust Dam.

We also enjoy writing articles and photography for fishing magazines. The magazines that we contribute to are �Queensland Fishing Monthly�, �Tournament Angler Guide� & �Catch magazine�.

We also compete in the �AFC Outdoors� tournament series fishing for impoundment barramundi in Queensland�s stocked barramundi lakes. Some of the best Bream, Bass & Barramundi anglers in Australia compete as a team and fight it out for the AFC championship.

Our fishing sponsors include Shimano, Millerods, Lowrance, Minn Kota, Evinrude, Squidgies, Hidefspex sunglasses and Fins braid.

We�ll be creating articles on various topics including fishing, techniques, travel & adventure that will hopefully improve your fishing

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