'Still Cruisin' Barra Punt

At approximately 4.5 metres, Johnny's locally built barramundi fishing boat 'Still Cruisin' is purpose designed and specifically suited to lure casting or fly fishing lakes, estuaries and harbours. This vessel has served faultlessly and in its life time over 15,000 barramundi have touched its decks between Lake Awoonga and the saltwaters of Central Queensland. Powered by a reliable 50 hp, four-stroke Honda outboard and fitted with a 50lb Minn Kota I-pilot electric motor, 'Still Cruisin' is suited to comfortable travelling and the silent, stealthy approaches required whilst in fishing mode. Equipped with modern side-imaging sonar and fish finding equipment, your vessel becomes a highly appreciated tool of the trade which will benefit you when in search of barramundi. 'Still Cruisin' is a neat, well presented vessel, totally suited for a inshore fishing adventure. The hull is all constructed from 4mm plate aluminium, and extra positive buoyancy foam has been fitted to make it an extremely strong, safe and very trusting fishing and boating platform. Angler comfort is a priority on charter, and your experienced guide will maintain a high level of boat handling skills to maximize your comfort levels during fishing and travel periods.

Long Boat

At 6.2 metres, this aluminium long boat is an epic sea going craft that rides like a machine and is stable and spacious. Suitable for a number of fishing charters and random tasks, this vessel, powered by a 115 hp Yamaha is an ideal selection for estuarine and offshore applications. Fly fisherman, barra anglers and offshore blue water fisherman would be impressed by this vessel's layout and handling ability. Economical, cruising effortlessly at 25 knots, this sleek craft is a manoeuvrable and responsive. The vessel has an I-pilot electric motor with a gps spot lock feature for pin point accuracy and stealth. Modern side imaging sonar and GPS mapping elevates this craft as a great work platform for anglers. The in-built live bait tank adds another dimension.


At 6.6 metres and powered by a 135 HP 4-stroke Honda, 'Queenslander' is the newest addition to the fleet. It boasts a large casting platform and sizeable foredeck designed for chair seating or ice box carrying capability; suitable for touring and angling. It's open design and simple layout is well suited to GT popping or research projects. Constructed of aluminium, the vessel is easily cleaned with an on-board deck wash and is suitable for dry, wet and muddy operations. Having a class 2 C survey allows a 5 person carrying capacity and can travel up to 15nm off the coast. The vessel has a long range fuel tank, ideal for coastal trips. A removable bow access ladder and a rear stern door allows easy exit and entry to the vessel. Low sides and a sleek craft create a very manoeuvrable and responsive vessel, even in tight mangrove systems. The vessel has a removable fold down shade canopy, an I-pilot electric motor with a GPS spot lock feature for pin point accuracy and stealth, making this vessel even more versatile. Modern side imaging sonar and high class GPS mapping systems with google earth overlays leaves 'Queenslander' as an effective work platform. The vessel with on board live bait tank is also suited to carrying loads and is available for live fish transportation. Matched with an aluminium trailer and attached to a 4wd vehicle, the vessel is able to be transported to remote jobs throughout Queensland. A simple vessel with endless options.................

The Adventure Boat

Johnny's 22 yr old tinny is the heart and backbone of an interesting series of fishing and adventure DVD's. This vessel was used in the filming of 'The Spanish Mackerel DVD' and 'Mastering the Mud Crab DVD'. Currently, this vessel is involved in the production of the 'Curtis Island- Two Part Series DVDs'. On completion the vessel will then be prepared for a 200 nautical mile journey for another action packed adventure film. Simple, open and smooth running, this remarkable light weight boat has served and performed well for over two decades. Massive 15 foot tiger sharks have been captured and released from the tinny along with Queensland groper over 600lbs, GT's over 40 kilos, spanish mackerel to 41 kilos, cobia to 34 kilograms, wild saltwater barramundi to 138cm and black jew at 36 kilos. The vessel has a lot of personal history and suprisingly, keeps on delivering. Powered by a 50 hp two-stroke Yamaha and not much else but safety gear and a small seat, this little vessel has had a great life and if we cross our fingers will continue to do so in future action films.

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