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Fish Awoonga
An impoundment barramundi DVD on Queensland's impressive Lake Awoonga.  Over 300 barra images captured on film. A DVD designed to make you think. "If you didn't learn anything from this movie - you really didn't listen or promote your mind to perform".  Packed with subtle hints on barra fishing.


BOOKLET - "Cruisin' the Barra Highways"
Cruisin' the Barra Highways
Is a compact 124 page barramundi fishing booklet for travelling anglers covering important basic and moderate levels of information to assist visitors to catch a barramundi. It also contains light 'Aussie' reading to get you in the camping mood as well as a mix of history and Australian lifestyle material to keep you fresh on learning and connected to mother earth. If you are a camper, traveller or you just want to know more about barramundi fishing in lakes, this one is a good starter.  Co written by travelling angler Lyndon Anlezark and fishing guide Johnny Mitchell.

DVD - "Fishing Lake Monduran"(DISCONTINUED)
Fishing Lake Monduran

This is another impoundment barramundi DVD, filmed on the lovely Lake Monduran. This film holds basic and highly advanced information for all levels of viewing. This is a must see for all keen barramundi anglers eager to learn, or for those who are willing to go backwards in order to go forwards. This DVD features Johnny's friends, the elite ABT and AFC barramundi competition anglers; young guns, Cy and Kerrin Taylor.


Mastering The Mud Crab"Mastering The Mud Crab"
This film is alive with images of mud crabs underwater - fighting, walking into pots, posing for the camera, and defending their territory. The DVD shares ideas on how to increase your catch rate, cook crabs, and it explains some biological aspects such as shell shedding, breeding, and the life cycle of a mud crab. It is an interesting collection of raw footage; straight from the mangrove estuary systems to your DVD player. Some of the footage is rare and eye-opening.

The Spanish Mackerel"The Spanish Mackerel"
Spaniards are a mysterious fish, attracting the attention of many keen anglers country-wide. They are big, fast, and great to eat. This film shares multiple ways to target them and how to enjoy this prime sporting table fish. Rods and reels, hand lines, and even spear guns are used to capture some classy fish in the 15 to 30 kilo range. There's even a monster spaniard in the DVD that dwarfs even the 30 kilo fish. If you are looking for some serious spanish mackerel action, and some screaming ratchets, this DVD is for you. Underwater footage of spanish taking trolled baits is also included.


Curtis Island"Curtis Island DVD"
This DVD highlights the fascinating world of Curtis Island. A rare spectacle covering history, adventure, human lifestyle, hunting, wild pigs, scrub bulls, country living, cattle crossings, fishing and incredible scenery. The almost two-hour show encompasses Curtis Island, including preservation of its unique environments such as iconic wetlands. Action packed, full of adventure of another kind. If you're into raw local entertainment this film should cover your curiosity and more

Fitzroy River and Port Alma"Fitzroy River and Port Alma DVD"
Explore the barramundi fishing potential on a two day, solo expedition and feel the vibes of an extraordinary fishery pressured by a series of questionable management clauses. The journey compares notes on the sustainability of the barramundi, king threadfin and mud crab fisheries. Witness some natural triggers that stimulate and control barramundi feed patterns. This isn't a 'how to catch barramundi' DVD, yet you'll learn about this fascinating fish in regard to both lure and live bait fishing. Barramundi well in excess of a metre long are captured.

Fishing the Southern Great Barrier Reef"Fishing the Southern Great Barrier Reef DVD"
Enjoy regional fishing targeting popular species including coral trout, sweetlip, red emperor, large mouth nannygai, spanish mackerel and small marlin. Experience reef fishing from half a metre of water to depths over 150 m below. Learn about fish behaviour from an experienced angler and through the focus of submerged cameras. Take a swim, relax and enjoy the freedom offered by one of natures' greatest creations. Best of all, it's right on our doorstep.

550 km by Sea - Gladstone to Mackay"550 km by Sea - Gladstone to Mackay DVD"
A 550 km solo journey by sea in a 6.6m vessel, passing well known areas including Cape Capricorn, XXXX Island, Port Clinton, Island Head Creek, Townsend Island, Stanage Bay and remote islands off the coast of Mackay. Experience the stunning scenery and catch a few fish along the way including 20 kilo black jew, giant trevally and coral trout. The journey alone is inspiring, the remote coastline- eye opening.

Estuaries - Know Your Backyard"Estuaries - Know Your Backyard DVD"
A journey through estuaries encourages outdoor enthusiasts to slow down and observe, opening doors to greater learnings. This film highlights species such as barramundi, fingermark, mangrove jack, triple tail, black Jew, flathead, mud crabs, banana prawns and more. A reminder of their worth and a check point for visions and dreams.

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