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What Do I Need To Bring?

A good sun hat, sun glasses and long sleeve shirt is recommended to be worn on a fishing charter. A jacket or jumper for the afternoon is a wise option as at times it can become cool on the water with a setting sun. Sunscreen is provided, but is a good idea to adopt the Slip, Slop, Slap aspect and apply sunscreen before you leave home. Most charter trips supply lunch, nibbles and drinks. All necessary fishing equipment is provided for the duration of the chartered trip.
* For remote charters, it is advised to supply all personal items required.

Can I Expect To Catch Fish?

Charter captures are usually daily events. Seasonally and daily, the conditions for fishing fluctuate considerably. Angler ability and client mental attitude varies with each new charter and as a combination of weather conditions and angler traits your guide will best adjust to these circumstances to maximize your chances of success. As at April, 2012, a 93% charter success rate is highlighted. It is a rare event when fish are not landed on charter, however even though Johnny works extremely hard to make it happen there are rare times when a zero shows its ugly head. There is by far a greater chance of landing your target than not. You can expect any sized fish from tiny to monstrous during an average fishing charter, plus those occasional hard days with not even a strike or just plain bad luck where great fish are hooked but escape. Johnny is a fishing guide, not a fishing god! Mother Nature still holds one of the main controls.

Can I Keep the Fish?

The majority of fish captured on charter are released for future anglers to enjoy. Your fishing guide carries a digital camera and can take photographs of your catch as memories of the occasion. On some charters such as the spanish mackerel trips it is advised not to release the fish and this particular trip is designed as a 'take fishery'. It's the only charter where your guide promotes the taking of the fish. On any other trip clients are still welcome to take a fish or two for a feed, however, a small fish will feed a number of people! Please communicate with your guide prior to any charter as facilities are not usually carried to process or store kept fish.

How Do I Pay?

Non-refundable 50% deposits are required to be paid on booking a fishing charter. Deposits are to be paid via direct deposit. Full payments are required prior to the commencement of the charter trip.

* For extended charters or remote trips there is a 'replace if lost or damaged' clause on fishing equipment such as rods, reels and lures. Market price is charged per lure on charters where lure losses are likely. Generally lure losses are minimal, but unforseen circumstances do arise and hungry, powerful fish can sometimes wreak havoc.

Sincerest thanks for last Monday�s fishing trip

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